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Our Social Links Group WordPress plugin provides the features to the user to create groups of social media group Icons for various socials profiles with the customizable design. It helps when you have a various social profile to show on your site. It is not difficult to change even for a non- technical person.

Extra Feature of Our Social Links Group WordPress plugin

  • You would be able to set and customize social Media Icons
  • You would be able to set the various shape of social media icons like rectangle, hexagon, square or circle.
  • You can set the icons positions according to your specific designing requirement.
  • You can also able to set icons layout and direction with this plugin.

KEY Advantages and Benefits:

  • Set multiple groups of social Profile with a single WordPress plugin
  • Support various Icons set and icons design
  • Amazing User interface with unique and out of the box icons design.
  • Social media Profile links widget
  • Show you Link according to your need
  • Alter icon position with fewer efforts.
  • You can enable or disable Social media icon groups


Social Links Group

Social Links Group provides functionality to users to make groups of social icons for different socials profiles with customizable design.It helps when you have multiple social profile to display on your site.It is very easy to customize even for non-technical person. You will be able to customize Icons Size, Icons shape, Icons Position, Icons Layout,…

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