Woo Custom Checkout Field description

Custom Checkout Field Plugin is used to add custom field in woo-commerce checkout form and extend woo-commerce functionality.It easy to configure and use. woo-commerce checkout form have limited number of field. By using this plugin we can add some more field.

Custom chekout field plugin is used to add custome field at the time of checkout in woo-commerce using this plugin we can get the extenblity to add require field which is remove the limitation of chekout form so now using this plugin you can add how many of field you want from wordpress admin panel for doing this you no need any expert or technical knowldge.

Fox example, I would like to know, from where did customer heard about us when they place order on my site. But woo-commerce doesn’t allow that. So my plugin have functionality, That you can add your custom field with more option, and that will be displayed on checkout form. and when customer will fill detail on that and place order. the custom field value will be added with order detail. and seller will receive that information from customer.

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